Friday, October 17, 2014

Our House

So, how did we land our house?  Well, it was a bit of an interesting journey at first.  For whatever reason, I had looked over this house when going through the listings.  Could have been the drop ceiling in the kitchen...well no, it was definitely the drop ceilings in the kitchen.  I really hate drop ceilings!  I any event, after all the drama we went through with the past three houses, I resolved to look at the listings with fresh eyes.  This time, our little house caught my eye  -  how did I miss the original woodwork and beautiful stained glass?  So we added this house to the list for our next round of showings.

Fast forward to the date of the showings.  We had just looked at a few houses, but none of them were winners and our house was next.  We knock on the door and no answer...  We knock again.... nothing.  My agent calls the seller's agent and the number rings through to a tax office, but we leave a message anyway. While we are waiting for the seller's agent to call us back to let us know what the heck is going on, we decide to take a look at the back yard.  What do we find?  A lady in her 50's sunbathing in a swim suit in the back yard who has fallen asleep!  Yikes!  So we run back to the front of the house and tell our agent.  After waiting a good 15-20 minutes for a call back from the seller's agent, we decide to try to make contact with the sunbathing lady.  As we head to the backyard, she appears to be walking towards the back gate to the alley in the backyard.  So we call out to her to introduce ourselves, but she totally ignores us and leaves the backyard!  At that point, we call it a day and move on to the next house.

Problem is, after having seen this house from the exterior, I was smitten and needed to get inside!  Despite our Realtor telling us that it was a waste of time and this house would be no good.  In fairness to him, we had been seeing a lot of crap, so he very well could have been right.  However, I just couldn't let it go.  So my husband and I decide to take matters into our own hands to line up a showing.  It turns out that the house is listed through a tiny real estate company that works out of a tax prepares office and the listing agent's cell phone indicated that he is out of the country for the next week.  At that point, we had to get creative and tracked down the cell phone of another agent at the firm. That person was kind enough to refer us to the agent that was covering the listing for the listing agent.  We contact him and are able to set up a showing.  They ended up having the owner show the property (classy) but she turned out to be super nice.  Oddly enough, she was not the bather...we honestly don't know what that person was doing in the backyard?

We walked through the house and it was just what we were looking for - a cosmetic fixer.  The house has a new roof and updated plumbing, but a lot of the decor and finishes are dated, so there is a lot of opportunity for us to put our own spin on things.  We put in an offer and after a bit of back and forth, we ended up locking down the property for $14K under asking...nice!  Next was the inspection.  The house looked to be in pretty good shape to us, but admittedly, we are not professional home inspectors, so we were a bit nervous!  Turns out, the house was in great shape!  Aside from a few super minor things (two ungrounded outlets, no back up sensor on the garage, and a small cracked in one of the panes of glass in a basement window) everything looked good.  We were happy campers to say the least.

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