Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Dining Room Design Plan

Three more work days until vacation!  Yay!  That also means three more days until we start work on our next project - the dining room.  I need a design plan, stat!  Here is where we are starting.  Excuse the crazy masking tape on one of the walls - we are working on plans for the new stairs that will eventually go on that wall....eventually. Also, please excuse the giant boxes in the entryway that I still need to break down!

Here is our basic punch list:
  •  Replace 60's style hollow core door and mitered trim with door and trim that matches the house.
  • Strip, repair, caulk and paint trim and windows.
  • Repair plaster walls, prime and paint.
  • Paint ceiling.
  • Replace light fixture.
  • Replace electrical outlets (they are brown and ugly) and outlet covers (also brown and ugly).
Easy right? ;-)

After we are done with all that fun, I get to design the room!  The dining room is a fairly large room, measuring 15'x12'.  My table is HUGE but it barely fills up the space!  I would like to get two end chairs for the table in a contrasting color or pattern of some sort.  I am more a minimalist when it comes to furniture, but aside from the table and chairs, I would also like a buffet, specifically on this wall here...

I've come up with a few basic design plans incorporating the pieces we already have (chairs and table) as well as a buffet from Ballard Designs that I know that I want.  I am also pretty sure that I am going to go with Benjamin Moore's Lacey Pearl on the walls.

Here are a few of the design plans that I am considering:

Blue Dining Room

Green Dining Room

Beige Dining Room

I'm really digging option #1 with the navy and white.  Option #3 is the simplest, and some might find it boring, but I love the monochromatic look of the whites, creams, and silvers with the contrasting dark wood table.  Hmmm... decisions, decisions...



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