Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Adios Pistachio!

During our recent time off we did not tackling the dining room after all. However, that was with good reason as we are likely going to be pulling the trigger on a very exciting staircase renovation - more news on that soon! Instead, we decided to give one of the bedrooms some much needed attention.

With it's lovely green walls and dark brown trim, we nicknamed this room "The Pistachio Nut".  Here are some of the glamorous before shots:

The punch list for this room was the usual - plaster and wood repair, followed by primer and paint on literally every surface. The plaster was actually in pretty good shape.  To be honest, the biggest issues were simply redoing the sloppy plaster repair attempts from the previous owners.

The woodwork was also in pretty good shape.  Unlike the living room, the finish on the trim was relatively smooth, so we didn't have to strip everything before painting.  A simple sanding to scuff the surface and even out some areas was sufficient.  

We also gave the ceiling a good coat of paint.  Funny story - we totally thought it was white before.  Nothing like fresh paint to emphasize how gross and dingy things were before...

After some wood filler and caulk, we applied two coats of Behr Marquee Satin paint in Ultra Pure White.  We used Behr Ultra in the living room and I have to say, I much prefer the Marquee formula.  The superior coverage is definitely worth the extra $12 per gallon.  I just want to state again for the record before anyone accuses us for painting over beautiful quarter-sawn oak or walnut or any other similar atrocity, our woodwork was already painted.  We have a combination of many wood types - a little bit of ash, a lot of fir, and a sprinkling of maple.  All of it is covered with a faux graining finish to make it look the same and like a more expensive wood.    Almost every inch of the trim needs some kind of filling or repair, and because I am not a master craftsman from 1925, I cannot replicate the faux finish to make the repairs seamless.  So, the wood gets painted.

Next, the walls were primed.  I always prime before painting anyway (and no, I don't trust the "paint and primer in one" formulas) but we really didn't have a choice in here with this intense pistachio hue!

Finally it was time for paint!  We went with Benjamin Moore "Moonshine" in an eggshell finish.  I had the paint tinted a 50% strength (per my usual trick) to make sure the room stayed nice and light and the color wasn't overpowering.  I always suggest using an eggshell finish and a semi-smooth nap roller in old houses.  The combination of low sheen a tiny bit of text is a little kinder to the plaster walls and leaves you with a better end product in my opinion.  

 I am so happy the finish on the doors was in good enough shape to leave as is.  I love the contrast of the dark, rich looking doors against the white trim (can you believe that grain is a faux finish!?).  I'll post pictures of the totally finished room soon, but here is a sneak peak for now. 

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  1. Wow, the power of paint! I love those ceilings, too. Your house has so much unique character to it. I'm having fun watching you guys breathe new life into it!