Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Power of Caulk

Want to know the secret to making your trim and woodwork look like a million bucks?  Caulk! Words simply cannot express the difference a bead of caulk makes.  Therefore, I will stop talking and show pictures! :)

No Caulk... 


No Caulk...

No caulk...
As you can see, caulk fills in the little gaps and spaces between the woodwork and the wall, creating a seamless appearance.  When repainting a room, be sure to caulk around all window and door casings, baseboards (including the shoe moulding!) and crown moulding.  Be sure to use a caulk specifically designed for interior trim that is paintable.  I prefer acrylic to silicone caulks for this application, but either will get the job done.  As far as when to apply the caulk, I usually do it after the primer coat and before painting.  At a minimum, I always cover caulk with a layer of paint to ensure a perfect color match.


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