Sunday, March 29, 2015

Wallpaper Purgatory...

Oh, where to even start.  I was planning on tackling our 3'x11' hallway on the main level this weekend.  It's mustard yellow and ugly and I see if from my bedroom.  Every morning I wake up, get out of bed, and think about how not ugly it could be with a little paint and a new light fixture.  I even got a jump start on the project by picking up the light fixture on Tuesday and other supplies on my way home from work on Friday (cause it's totally normal for a 26 year old to spend their Saturday evening at Home  A 33 sq. ft. room in a weekend - totally doable right?  Well, there's a curve ball.  Someone, somewhere (I'm looking at you, short cut-taking previous owners!) decided it was a fabulous idea to not only wallpaper the hallway, but to then PAINT over said wallpaper.  WWWWHHHYYYYY!!!!????

Feeling ambitious on Friday night, I grab my wallpaper scorer, scraper and wallpaper stripping spray and get to work.  Much to my delight, the top portion of the paint covered wallpaper is coming away in large chunks, just leaving the glue and paper backing.  The wallpaper stripper is also making quick work of the paper and backing. Sweet!

By late Saturday morning, I have nearly the whole hallway stripped (the walls beneath were also painted yellow, go figure).

Except for this one, ridiculously stubborn section.  It's just STUCK to the walls!  After working 6 hours on it, this is the most I've been able to remove...

The paint is preventing the wallpaper stripper from penetrating through to loosen the glue, but the painted wall paper is stuck to securely to the wall, I can't get under it to lift it off.  Honestly, at this point in time, I am at a lost of what to do.  I am thinking of renting a steamer, but if the stripping solution isn't penetrating the paper, I doubt the steam will because of the stupid paint!  I am SO close to being done with removing the wallpaper in this hallway, but this last 3 sq ft section is killing me!

Moral of the story... If you have wallpaper on your walls and you decide that you don't like it anymore, DO NOT paint over said wallpaper.  Just. Don't. Do. It.  I know it's tempting and oh, the seams won't be that noticable once it's painted and wallpaper is just so darn difficult to remove.  NO!  The seams will look like crap, and the more layers of paint you add, the higher the chances the paint coated paper will start falling off the walls.  But not cleanly or nicely and some of it will cling to the wall forever and ever and ever (like the wallpaper I'm battling now).

Well, I'm of to pluck off tiny pieces of paper that are stuck to my walls...  Wish me luck!



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