Thursday, April 9, 2015

One Room Challenge: Week 2

So, this is probably cheating, but oh well.  I am changing the room I am transforming for this challenge.  The truth is that I am totally stuck on the design for the dining room.  Rather than spending money buying pieces that I am not 100% convinced about just to get a room completed, I am going to let the design evolve more naturally.  Since we are completing the stair reno, I do still plan to tackle the painting of this room and I will still document the heck out of it, but I don't expect to have the room completely decorated and "finished" by the end of this 6 week challenge.

However, there is one room that I am very inspired by right now and I am not going to fight it. That room would be our main floor hallway (is this double cheating since it's a hallway and not an actual room?) which I've blogged about here and here.  So sue me, I'm gonna go with this train of inspiration and tackle the hallway.

Quick refresher - here is where we started:

And here is where we are going:

Hallway Plan

Where to start.  I have definitely made progress in this room!  The painted over wallpaper is gone, but it certainly did not go with out a fight.  Unfortunately, the walls beneath were not left in the best condition and needed some smoothing out.  So I've skim coated them and started patching a few cracks in the plaster which I should wrap up by the end of the week.  Not gonna lie, I was a little heavy handed when applying the mud while skim coating, so I still have some sanding left to do, but the walls are smoothing out beautifully!

Next step, planking the ceiling.  I already have the boards cut and ready to go up.  I also want to install crown moulding to match the living room and dining room (it will also eventually go in the kitchen and bathroom), but finding something that matches has been a real challenge.  I am debating on going with something that is close or getting something custom milled.  I am a bit OCD about finishes not matching throughout a house, so I am very hesitant to go with something close... I did find a local company that will match the exact specs of any existing moulding and mill new trim to match it.  I know that I am going to have to do this for my basecap moulding already, so I am going to try to make a trip to their shop this weekend with some pieces basecap and crown and see what the cost and turnaround time is on the custom milling.

I think i'm going to pull the trigger on painting the doors in this hallway a color.  The trim is all going white, so I feel like if the doors are white too, it's just a sea of white everywhere.  My husband thinks I'm nuts.  I think it will look great.  My plan is to paint on door as a test and see if I like it.  The beauty of it is that I can always repaint if I don't!  I also have a plan for the interiors of the closets.  The shelving in there has seen better days an the walls of the closets are just dingy.  I am going to rip everything out of there and line the closet interior with white beadboard.  I was inspired by this picture:

I will either replace the selves or sand/paint and reinstall them depending on their condition. I am super jazzed about this idea.  I know that it's little, but I feel like this extra detail will just be so cool.

In other news, we are finishing up demo on the stairs this weekend and construction is kicking off on Monday.  Wahoo!  I cannot wait for these new stairs to go in.


P.S. - Be sure to check out Calling it Home to see the progress that other bloggers have made!  


  1. When inspiration strikes, you have to go with it! Looking forward to seeing your progress on the hallway. I love the idea of gray doors!

  2. Love your inspiration image! Can't wait to see this room when it's painted!

  3. I think changing over to a space that inspires you more is perfect. I love your ideas for the space, and my husband also thinks I'm a little crazy with every suggestion I make about our powder room that we're transforming. He and I do not have similar ideas at all. Hoping once he sees that room finished he'll just fall in love with it... we'll see. Good luck!