Friday, April 17, 2015

One Room Challenge: Week 3

Well, I'm a day late on this and unfortunately I really don't have much of an update to share.  We've been really busy tearing our house apart for installation of the new staircase - read more about that here.  And now my house looks like this...

Pretty, huh?

I do plan to make some serious progress this weekend, but in the meantime, I am considering a swap to my design plan.  A few months back, I ordered these two lights for the dining room and future stairwell from Joss & Main.

These lights are by Savoy House and are normally $360.00 and $222.00 respectively.  Joss & Main had a killer sale on them, so I swooped them up for nearly $100.00 less than retail each.  I was super happy until I opened up the boxes and found that the threaded screw that attaches the down rod to the top plate was welded crooked, on both fixtures, causing the fixture to see 15-20 degrees off center.  The folks at Joss & Main were great and sent me out two new lights right away.  Well, when I got the two new lights, one was the wrong light entirely and the other light had the same defect.  Again, the Joss & Main rep was super nice and asked me to ship back the incorrect light.  Since the manufacturer didn't want the defective lights back, I was told to keep the three defective ones.  Not wanting to risk a third order with the same issue, I requested a refund which Joss & Main agreed to.  While I am obviously not thrilled that I didn't get the lights that I wanted, I have to say that I was thoroughly impressed with the top notch customer service I received and I will continue to be a loyal customer of theirs.  In any event,  that leaves me with three defective fixtures (one three light and two single light) that are really perfectly fine, except for this one tiny piece is welded crooked.  I couldn't bring myself to throw them away, so I've stashed them with the hopes of repairing them. 

Super rambling story later, how does this tie into the hallway?  Well, since I have two of the single light pendants, I am thinking that I will use one this hallway instead of other fixture I purchased which would save over $200.00.  Not bad since we had some unexpected electrical work costs relating to the stair case project.  This is all provided these lights can be fixed, of course.  We are heading to a welding shop this weekend, so we shall see!

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  1. Oh My! You certainly have a situation on your hands! Best of luck!
    Till next week,