Friday, April 3, 2015

Staircase Plans Continued...

Don't you love it when a the scope of a project just spirals out of control?  Admittedly, that is what is starting to happen with the stair project...  

By widening the stairs, the width of the entire stair well will be 20"-22" wider than it currently is, putting a wall right in the middle of what is now a closet.  So now, the closet will need to be reworked to avoid having a 10" wide closet.  We also want to push out the front bedroom wall to create more space in the (future) master bedroom.  Since we're already framing out a new closet, why not knock out another wall and frame in the new one?  If we are knocking out walls, why not knock out the staircase entrance in the back bedroom?  These are the questions we are currently pondering.

I have a very clear vision for the upstairs.  In a perfect design world, the floors would be stained a chocolaty-brown, but I don't know that is possible within the constraints of the budget.  The walls in the main hallway will be painted board and batten with the upper walls and ceiling white to provide a smooth transition coming up the stairs and to open up the space and make it feel brighter.  The built in cabinet will be relocated to the center of the hallway, with the kitchen sink and cabinets being removed, and flanked by two sconces.  The master bedroom wall will be pushed out 5 ft to the side of the bathroom wall.  The fridge and stove will be removed and the "nook" area will either have a writing desk or a club chair and table (not sure which yet).  So the space will look something like this:

View to Staircase
View from Top of Stairs
As a reminder, this is what it looks like now:

The main challenge here isn't patching plaster affected by moving and removing these walls (though that it's without it's own set of issues) but more what to do with the floor.  Moving the wall for the master bedroom will require feathering in about 30 sq. ft. of hardwoods.  Removing the staircase entry will require laying new subflooring and feathering in about 20 sq. ft. 

The flooring is basic 2 1/4" red oak, so matching it isn't too terribly hard.  However, matching the aged color and finish is probably not gonna happen.  Futher, these floors have been sanded and refinished at least once (who know how many times more than that) so new flooring will sit ever so slightly higher than the existing flooring.  I'm worried that it will be enough to be noticeable.  So, here are my options with the flooring upstairs:
  • Rip everything out and replace it with new, prefinished oak flooring.  Cost: $2,000.00+
  • Blend in with new, unfinished red oak and try to match finish as best as possible. Cost: $200.00
  • Blend in with new, unfinished red oak and sand and refinish floors. Cost: $1800.00+
  • Install new engineered oak flooring over existing floors.  Cost: $1,200.00
  • Rob flooring from back bedroom to blend into the rest of the upstairs and install new, prefinished oak flooring in the back bedroom, feathered and the door threshold.  Cost: $500.00
I am thinking that the most cost effective, least wasteful option that will give the best look will be to rob the flooring from the back bedroom for other spaces upstairs and install new flooring in that room.  Ah, decisions, decisions, decisions.



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