Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Dollar Sink & World Market Finds

I try to make a point to hit up my local salvage yards at least every other month.  I am currently on the hunt for a few radiator covers because I am too cheap to have new ones custom made.  Of course, you rarely exactly what you are looking for when you go - and predictably I struck out on the radiator covers.  The key to salvaging, and I suppose this could be applied to thrifting as well, is to keep an open mind, but also a running list of items to scan for.  On my list (aside from the radiator covers) are cast iron bath tubs, vintage pedestal sinks, a vintage built ins, and any cool knick-knacks that could be repurposed as home decor.  My bad luck in the radiator cover department was more than made up for by my score of the century - this lovely pedestal sink for only $1!

This sink was sitting in a pile near the entrance of the salvage yard and all of the items were mark as $1.  I assumed it was a mistake, so I asked an employee and they confirmed.  It turns out, this sink was sitting in their inventory for quite a while and they just wanted to get rid of it.  There is nothing wrong with the sink - it's actually in great shape with the porcelain finish totally intact.  There are a few hairline cracks that are to be expected with a piece of this age (looks like it's from the '30s or 40's).  I could easily reglaze it for a few hundred bucks and it would take care of the hairline cracks, but I think that it adds character, so I doubt I will refinish it, especially since the porcelain is nearly pristine.

I also snagged some cute things from World Market during my shopping spree, including this nubby bleached jute rug that I am in love with!  The dogs may actually love it more than I do - it's their permanent nap spot.

I also picked up this egg crate, table runner and little milk bottle vase set.  Silly items, but I thought they were cute.

If you haven't been to World Market lately, I highly recommend checking them out - they've got some great stuff right now!



  1. Be still my heart! That sink is gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you do.

    1. I know - that sink, right? Crazy how anyone could give that away for $1!

  2. What a beautiful house Jen! I hope that you will stop by and link up on Monday's Something to Talk About link party (if you havent yet) !

    1. Thanks so much, Karen. I will definitely check out your link party!