Monday, August 3, 2015

Dining Room Progress

Progress is being made on the dining room!  I am please to say that I have finished the drywall and plaster repair in the dining room.  While I have done more plaster repair than I care to remember, this was my first stab at finishing drywall.  I have to say, I think it went pretty well.

Three coats of mud and some sanding later...

...and I had a giant mess!  In all seriousness though, sanding joint compound is one of the very least enjoyable activities.  I used dust control joint compound this time, which I have never used before.  It seemed to perform and apply very similarly to regular joint compound, except with the sanding.  I was able to get most of the drywall joints mudded pretty smoothly, so there wasn't a ton of sanding needed except for one or two spots.  I noticed that this joint compound gummed up my sanding block quite a bit so I had to shake/tap off the excess mud sticking to it pretty frequently.  The mud was definitely dry as I finished mudding last weekend and then sanded this weekend.  On the plus side, the dust falls straight to the floor so you don't have the typical drywall dust snowstorm that gets everywhere - it stays pretty contained.  So the question here is whether or not the annoyance factor of sanding the dust control joint compound is worth the more easily contained drywall dust?  In my opinion, absolutely.  Having the mess just stay in the area where I was working rather than flying all over the house saved me way more time in easier clean up than cleaning off my sanding block constantly.

So ceiling primed and ready for ceiling paint - check.  Plaster cracks repaired and walls primed - check.  It would be soooo easy to just get the crown put back up, trim painted and then paint the walls, but since I am a home improvement masochist, I am really thinking about possibly skim coating the walls.  I skim coated the walls in the hallway (I had to because they were damaged and uneven thanks to removing painted over wallpaper - read more about that good time here) but they are gloriously smooth and perfect.  We didn't skim coat in the living room and bedroom and when there is a lamp illuminating a wall or when you focus on a certain area, the texture imperfections bug me.  Like, a lot.  So, I can break out more mud and take another 3-4 days to skim coat a few layers and sand and have gloriously smooth walls.  Or I can stop being a crazy person and keep this project moving...  Hmm...

In other news, the radiator cover got a few coats of fresh white paint and is looking real pretty!

And I spend like 2 hours yesterday getting this baseboard and basecap installed around the bump out.

The baseboard was a breeze; it's just mitered cuts.  But the basecap?  Oh man... It's so challenging not just because of the angles, but also because I only have so much original basecap to work with from walls that were demoed.  I can't just go to Home Depot to buy this stuff, so I have to use the pieces that I have.  Which means, I am holding a 3 inch piece of wood while slicing it at a crazy angle and trying not to lose a finger.  

Well, that's where things stand for now.  Hopefully I will have some prettier updates to share in the next week or so!  I can't wait to get this dining room finished.



  1. Looking awesome! Can't wait to see the finished room - and that radiator cover is gorgeous!

  2. Just read through all of your blog posts. You are doing a great job of keeping with the character of the house. Can't wait to follow along with the rest. Good Luck