Thursday, August 20, 2015

I'm Considering Doing Something Stupid

Sooo... long term, we always planned to have a country house to get out of the city and relax on weekends and in the summer. While I love Chicago, I grew up in a more rural area and sometimes I just crave the open space, fresh air and nature.  This hypothetical country house would be an old farm house with loads of character that needed some TLC because...of course... it's us. We would have some land, but not too much - maybe a few acres?  And we would purchase it a few years down the road when we had kids and our current house was completely renovated.  Of course that doesn't stop me from scanning the MLS every few months to see if our perfect country house pops up.  It's all fun and games when faux-house hunting find this:

Um, what?  Are you KIDDING!  I just. can't. even.  The white clap board?  The gothic-esque style?  The transom window above the front door?  The stone porch!?  I die.

I saw it about 2 months ago when it came on the market.  It's a bank owned foreclosure (which is why I'm okay with showing a pic of the house - if someone was living there, that would be totally different).  It's in the middle of nowhere, but within 2 hours of the city which is the perfect distance.  The mortgage on this thing would be the equivalent of a car payment, and not even a luxury car payment.  I showed it to my husband and my mom and we all ooh'd and ahh'd over it and then kind of forgot about it.  Then I got an email alert this week (cause you know I saved it to my favorites) that they dropped the price - by $15k!  That's a HUGE reduction on an already inexpensive house.  Here are the stats:

Year Built: Pre-1900, with an addition that looks like it's from the 1920's.
Bedrooms: 5 bedrooms
Baths: 1 full bath, 1 powder room
Sq Ft: 2600
Lot: 1.6 acres

I need another project house like I need a freaking hole in the head, but I just can't help myself!  This the ongoing struggle in my head.

Me: This is something that you would keep forever, so if the renovation takes 10 years, that's totally fine.

Me:  Seriously, focus on one renovation at a time.

Me: When will you even come across another house like this which so many original details intact?

Me: Yes, you can afford to buy it, but where will you find the cash to renovate this when you are pouring money into your current project!?

Me: See point one, it's doesn't have to be fully renovated right away!

The struggle is real my friends, the struggle is real.  Well, in any event, we all set up for a showing on the 29th so I guess we will see what happens.  Who knows - it could be total falling apart crap and boom!  the conversation ends there. We will see...



  1. OMG DO YOU EVEN HAVE TO ASK?!?!? Shoot, just buy it, make it weather-proof, and leave it for a few years until you have the $$$ to do it right. This much perfection may be a once in a lifetime thing!

    But seriously, going to look at it is the right move. Maybe there's something so terribly wrong that the decision will be clear and you can get it out of your head. But then be sure to clue us in so we can stop lusting from afar as well...

  2. DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! If I could give you just one piece of advice for life it would be 'No Regrets'! Worst thing that could happen is that you might have to sell it down the line but you would have tried! Of course this is with the understanding that it is basically structurally sound etc. More of your divine renovating!

  3. just do it! That house should be on the cover of something! The market is so unpredictable, if it's an awesome deal you can lock yourself into, then take your time with it. Reminds me of and American version of that movie "under the tuscan sun". It's hard to mimic authenticity like that. You will do amazing things to restore that home and provide so much awesome content for your blog, which will only grow and probably fund this entire project eventually! People like me live vicariously through people like you. And one word of advice - renovating with kids is HARD. Take advantage now while it's just the two of you. I'm thinking of starting a blog called "renovation after bedtime" because that's the only two hours of my day that I can actually dedicate to my house projects.

  4. Anonymous, You should call it: Bed Time Renovation Stories! Hey Jen, tomorrow's the big day! Happy house scouting,) That would make a great gift! Love Mom!

  5. SOOOOOO..............???????????