Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Kitchen Design Plan

Now that we’ve torn apart the kitchen, let’s talk about how we are going to put it back together! Like the rest of the home, we are going with a light, bright theme.  I’ve had three years to scheme my design, and I have to say, I’m pretty happy with it.  As far as the layout goes, we will maintain the modest 12×12 footprint.  Due to the floorplan, we did not have an option to knock down any walls to expand to “open up” the kitchen.  However, we are taking it from an L-shape to a U-shape, which will pump up the counter space dramatically.

Our radiator will be moving from the north wall of the kitchen to the east wall, which will allow for the fridge to be moved to the north wall.  The stove will be moved to the south wall, with the sink and dishwasher staying in their current positions.  I think that this layout will be very functional and make the kitchen feel bigger than it is.

We are using inset shaker cabinets.  They are Plain & Fancy brand, which we got from a home that was being demolished in Hinsdale for $600.  Yes, $600!  These cabinets would have retailed for ~$30,000 brand new.  I am so excited by this find, I cannot even tell you.  However, this has added the additional challenge of making these cabinets work within our space and making them feel custom to the space.  I think that this layout accomplishes that goal.  Here is a peak of the cabinets just before we pulled them.

Now for the fun part – the design!  I had long dreamed of an all white kitchen.  However, we have so much white in our house that I felt like a *little* color would achieve the best design.  We are going for Benjamin Moore Super White on the uppers and Gray Owl on the lowers.  Walls will be White Wisp and all of the trim work and the ceiling will be Super White.  I’m thinking of doing the kitchen door in Sea Haze for a bit of contrast.

Super White PM-1

White Wisp 2170-70

Gray Owl 2170-60

Sea Haze 2170-50
Super White is the color of all of my trim currently.  In some spaces it can be too stark, but I love it in my home.  It translates to a bright, clean white without being too harsh.  As for the colors, these tones are neutral grays with a bit of green.  They are all on the same color chip, which I think provides for a cohesive and slightly monochromatic look.

As for countertops and backsplash, we are going with Carrara marble.  I’m going with “Turkish Carrara” which is not technically a true Carrara marble.  I actually prefer it to true Carrara marble as it has more muted, subtle veining, and pulls a little more gray than white.  Below is a comparison:

Turkish Carrara

White Carrara

For backsplash, I have debated on a few different options, but ultimately decided on a marble subway tile.  It’s a classic choice and pays homage to the subway tile that was original to the house.  

Plus it’s an affordable choice, retailing for less than $6 sq. ft.  Find it at Home Depot here.
As for lighting, we are going with this for the center fixture:

And these sconces:

Which will be placed thusly above the sink windows:
I’m super excited to see this all come together!  More updates to come.


  1. I love it! Can't wait to see it all come together! Your choice of colors are really going to open up the space visually. So glad that yellow is gone.

    1. Death to the mustard yellow! That was the last room to go. 😊 We just have the neon urine color in the guest room left... 🙈

  2. Looks spectacular and your steal on those cabinets is equally spectacular! BTW two posts in two days, be still my heart!

  3. Strong work on finding those cabinets! Inset cabinets looks so rich. Just started following your blog - excited to see your progress!

    1. Thank you so much! Looking forward to seeing your progress on that staircase as well! :)

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